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Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program Benefits For Brokers and Realtors

Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program Benefits For Brokers and Realtors

July 15, 2021

We are very excited to be offering our program to all Brokers and Realtors who wish to utilize this GREAT "tool" to sell more homes!

If you have ever talked to a potential client and they have said that their credit score it not good enough for a loan right now, and you have just had to give them your card and let them walk away for right now, in hopes of them coming back to you in the future.............then you NEED to know about our Home Ownership Program!

Who is Booth Corp?

We are a Real Estate Investment Company based in Norfolk NE. We offer single family and multi-family rental properties as well as our Home Ownership Program. We have been in business since 1990 and currently have investments in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. We are growing and are very excited to now be offering our Home Ownership Program in the Omaha area!

In 2008-2009 we developed our unique Home Ownership Program. We have since dealt with Millions and MILLIONS of dollars of real estate for our Candidates and they have been able to accumulate nearly a million dollars in combined equity. It is a program that we have developed to work with people who can’t quite get a loan from a bank right now and have less than perfect or simply no credit at all. Our program is all about giving individuals and families the opportunity to own their own home. It is a chance to get out of throwing their money away on renting and start building equity in a home of their own. There are many different kinds of home buying assistance programs throughout the country. Most of these programs have governmental funding, lots of red tape, and sometimes insurmountable criteria for the average person. 

Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program was designed by Booth Corp., funded by us, and relies strictly on the private evaluation of our candidates by us, making it that much more flexible and achievable for a lot of people. We saw a need for people that are, as we call them, “In The Middle”. People in the middle are those who are stuck between wanting to get out of renting but are not able to qualify for a home loan right now. Many of these people are otherwise very capable and very qualified to own their own home, but just cannot get bank financing right now. We are willing to invest in our candidates NOW, so they have the time to fix their credit, save money, and build equity in a home of their own! To do this we are enlisting your help to refer them to us.

Who do we look for as a Candidate? First of all, EVERYONE’S situation is evaluated on an individual basis, so the first thing we do is listen to who they are. We are not a bank, and therefore can take into account everything about someone’s situation. In fact, a credit score has NOTHING to do with our qualification process. They must understand that it involves much more to own then to rent and be willing to do what it takes to get and keep that home. Through our qualification process we, as well as they, get to understand if they have that ability not only financially, but psychologically and emotionally to own a home. Everyone gets to understand that we NEVER want to put someone in a position where they are going to fail. One of our most important qualifications is that our candidates must have the ability to get a loan within a 5-year period. We do not want to own the home forever. We want them to buy it from us and get rid of Booth Corp. “as soon as possible”.

We understand that, as a Broker/Realtor, you see many people come into your office who are looking to buy a home or who come to your open houses and say that they would love to buy the home but probably wouldn’t qualify for a loan right now. You have certainly had clients who, after spending time with them, have found out that they currently are not able to qualify for a home loan. We know this can be frustrating investing so much time into someone only to realize that you may not make that sale and will probably lose that client.

We can offer them, and you, a Third Choice! We understand that your time is money, so just refer them to us and we will see about qualifying them and directing them right back to you. Through our qualification process we are able to assess their entire situation. Once they are qualified for the Open Market Level of our Home Ownership Program, we define their wants and needs for a home as well as a suitable price range and then direct them right back to you to start searching for a Great Deal!

To your extreme benefit, Booth Corp., as a Real Estate Broker, will agree to forgo any real estate commissions and/or referral fees. YOU will represent Booth Corp. and be considered the Buyer’s Agent to collect all commissions due to that position, per the sale. 

(You will receive all the Buyer’s Agent commission, and if you have the listing as well, you will receive all of that too!)

Turn those clients that you have previously had to “let go” into “Possible SALES!.”

Gain clients from those people who you have heard about who “can’t get a loan right now”.

We want to provide you with this great “tool” to gain those clients that you are losing right now because of their inability to get a home loan. You won’t feel like you just wasted your time with those clients, and in turn, they will appreciate that you went the extra mile to help them achieve their dream of owning a home!

Why should you, as a Broker/Realtor, recommend Booth Corp.? Booth Corp. is a company who has the ability to help you retain clients that you have previously been losing due to credit and financial commitment issues. Our program gives you another selling tool which in turn helps you keep more clients and sell more homes. We are not looking to take away anyone’s clients….on the contrary, we want to find qualified candidates so you can HAVE MORE CLIENTS!

Please give us a call with questions and for more details!

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