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Even with LOW or NO credit we can help you own a home

No matter where in Nebraska you want to Live

Booth Corp is now offering our program to ALL OF NEBRASKA!

Are you paying $900, $1,200, $1,500, $2,500 or more in rent?

We want to hear from you! So far we have dealt with over $6 million in combined real estate for our candidates and they have accumulated over $1 Million dollars in combined equity! Now we want to help you too! Don't discount yourself for having a low credit score or a bad credit report.  We understand "Life Happens".  We want to hear from you today and talk about "Who you are" and "What your situation is all about". 

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About us


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About us


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Please be sure to thoroughly read through our site for all the information about who we are and what our program is all about. Then, if you are interested and feel that you may qualify for our Home Ownership Program, give us a call!

We do not want to put our candidates in a position where they will fail. So the first step is to talk to us! Don’t discount yourself!