Levels to Our Program

Open Market Level

Once a candidate qualifies for the Open Market Level, we can start to discuss a price range that fits within the candidate's comfort range, or in other words, within their financial means. Once this has been determined, our candidates can start looking at houses on the the open market with confidence, knowing they have the buying power of Booth Corp. behind them!

What is the Open Market?

By Open Market, we mean ANY house for sale! This could refer to any of the following:

  • Listing by a Realtor (the MLS / Multiple Listing Service)
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
  • Foreclosure Sale
  • Private Sale (before it is listed with a Realtor)
  • We are also constantly looking for houses by contacting people and asking if they wish to sell their home.

Unlimited House Ranges

Are you looking for a home in a price range of $100,000, $150,000, $250,000, $500,000 or higher? Great news! Our potential price range to buy a home for a qualified candidate is unlimited!

If you are financially stable and financially, psychologically, and emotionally ready to own a home, but you can't qualify for a bank loan right now, please contact us! We would be happy to talk with you. Even if you have bad credit, no credit, if you've been through a bankruptcy or foreclosure, if you haven't been at your job long enough, or if you have any other situation that may be preventing you from owning a home, you NEED to talk to us about our Home Ownership Program!

Contact us today!

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"We can even buy you a home if you did qualify for a bank loan  but THE HOUSE did not"


"You didn't get qualified for enough to buy the home         you want"

Open Market Levels house example 1 Open Market Levels house example 2

Currently Owned Home Level

Once in a while, sometimes a great while, we offer a "Currently Owned Home" (a home already owned by Booth Corp.) under our Home Ownership Program. Because we currently own that property, we do not have to contend with negotiations, closing costs, fees, etc. That gives us the ability to offer our qualified candidates an even greater deal on that specific property and be much more flexible about the qualifications.

Please understand that these are not the only properties that are available.

If you qualify for the Open Market Level, you have the possibility to choose a home, within your financial means, out in the Open Market - meaning ANY house for sale whether it's a listing by a Realtor through the MLS, for sale by owner, foreclosure or private sales, is a potential house for you and your family!

Currently Available Homes

Open Market Levels house example 3


  • You must be able to own a home, not only financially but emotionally and psychologically – the difference of renting to owning is 99% different
  • You must be in a position to be able to get a loan within a 5-year period – we do not want to own the home forever, we want our candidates to buy it from us
  • “Life Happens” we understand this – you must be willing to work hard to fix what is needed to get that loan.
  • If you are financially stable – if you can work with a budget to ensure stability.

Every person is different, and every situation is not the same, but if you have the drive to do whatever it takes, we want to talk with you and understand “who you are” and “what your situation is all about”.

Whether it is Open Market level or the Currently Owned Home level, we become partners. If it is a home we already own, then you get to move right in.

If it is the Open Market, then you now have a huge advantage, because now you have experts working with you to find, negotiate, and buy a Great Deal! You can start looking for houses with confidence knowing that Booth Corp. is behind you, along with wonderful benefits including making the MAJORITY of our candidates CASH BUYERS........ to buy your home!