Who We Are

We are a family owned private Real Estate Investment company that has grown and expanded to include a wide variety of investments.

We are constantly broadening our investments while holding to our idea that real estate is the greatest investment anyone will ever make. Whether you are well off or not so well off, real estate, and specifically home ownership, is the best way to create wealth.

Booth Corporation company truck and building

Our Mission Statement

We, as a Real Estate Investment Company, want to contribute to the development of communities by improving families’ financial situations. Simply put, owning a home improves financial stability, and in turn improves the housing base and overall condition of a community.

Our History

Booth Corp. was founded by Jim and Cindy Booth in 1990 when they bought their first rental home in Lincoln, NE. Today, Booth Corp. is constantly expanding and investing in single family and multi-family rental properties, as well as commercial properties. We have also invested in business ventures such as restaurants, fitness clubs, storage units, trucking and cleaning equipment and supplies. We work to analyze, find, negotiate, buy, and sell real estate.

In 2009 we started the development of our Home Ownership Program. This unique program has allowed us to work with and help people who wish to stop renting, but because of less than perfect credit, are not currently able to qualify for a bank loan. We offer this program to people in ALL OF NEBRASKA. With our growth, we continue to buy and sell real estate and to develop even more unique and innovative ways to help people and communities by investing in real estate!

Our Future

We want to buy more homes this year! We want to buy them for our qualified candidates.

We have now expanded into ALL OF NEBRASKA! So, if you find yourself not able to get a home loan right now, we want to talk with you.

As well, we are reaching out to Brokers and Realtors who wish to sell more homes than ever before by increasing their clientele. This "tool", our Home Ownership Program, will give them what they need to offer more homes to more people! Just help us find them, we'll qualify them, and send them right back to you to start looking.

Our First House Cindy Booth