Buy A Home Even With Bad Or No Credit: Why We Started This Program

Buy A Home Even With Bad Or No Credit: Why We Started This Program

April 02, 2024

We've been there – in the same shoes as many of our candidates. We've faced bad credit and rented, feeling like we were just throwing our money away. But through real estate, we've learned and grown, and now we're here to help others do the same.


That's why we've developed this exciting Home Ownership Program. We see so many people stuck "In the Middle" – they want to stop renting but can't secure a loan from a bank right now.


We're not a bank. We're a private, Nebraska-based company. Our qualification criteria are based on individuals, not just numbers on a credit report. We know that imperfect credit doesn't always mean an unstable financial situation. That's why we're here – to offer a chance to everyone who's renting to potentially qualify and live in a home of their own.


Don't disqualify yourself from our program because you think you don't meet a bank's standards. Don't count yourself out because you believe you can't qualify for our Home Ownership Program. Let's talk first.


Unlike banks, we consider qualifying people who:


Have bad credit

Have no credit at all

Have experienced foreclosure or bankruptcy

Have just started a new job

Have recently moved or are in the process of moving

Have faced divorce, illness, or job loss in the past

Life happens – we get it. But don't let those challenges stop you from owning a home. We're here to help you navigate through and find your way to homeownership.

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